Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Don't say I didn't warn you...

Last Saturday we went to a Territorial Fair at the Historic Arkansas Museum. So here are a few pictures from our little outing. When the kids found out where we were going they had to wear their cowboy hats and boots. They really had a great time, and the people there were so friendly and fun. I know Aaron Job was really the only one who understood the history behind it and the houses, but the little ones still loves exploring the place. So here we go...

As soon as you walked in, this guy was playing the fiddle, so they had to stop and dance. Yes, right by the front door.

Ava dressed up in prairie clothes again.

Playing "Arkansas Twister"

Making Mother's Day cards. Abby looks like she wasn't enjoying it, but she really was!

Abby's card

Here, they are making dolls out of corn husks and yarn.

Looks like Aaron Job doesn't want to get too close to this guy!

The kids had a lot of fun with these guys. They were playing music and doing some clog dancing, so the kids joined in with them too, and gave everyone a show.
Abby and Aaron Job taking a break.

Whitewashing the fence with Tom Sawyer

More music. The guy in the middle looks a little scary, but he really wasn't!

Anna letting her horse eat some grass

Plum' tuckered out! (as we say in the South!)

And a good time was had by all.


Hong & Tami Kim said...

All your kids are adorable... all of them. Thanks for the pics. (I like "picture blogs" the best.)

R. D. Bailey said...

like father, like Cooter.