Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Help for a New Day

Taken from the Girl Talk blog...this is exactly how I was feeling yesterday. But the Lord, in His kindness, let me read this today, on another day of drudgery (from my sinful perspective) that I was not anticipating. I hope it helps others as much as it did me.

Compared to Sunday, Monday’s duties can often seem so unspiritual. Yesterday I worshipped and received teaching at church, practiced hospitality, and had a delightful time of fellowship with new friends. Today began at 4:45 am with a change of wet sheets. Then there was breakfast to make, a doctor to visit, a grocery store run, lost car keys to find, a splinter to extract, (lots of) correction to bring, and then lunch to prepare and clean up (er, well, it's not actually cleaned up yet, but soon). I’m not feeling particularly spiritual right now.

Apparently Sarah Edwards had a different (and more biblical) perspective of daily duties than I often do. When her daily business was done “as part of the service to God” Sarah noted, “it was found to
be as good as prayer.” If I truly “serve with joy and gladness” and for the glory of God, today’s work is as “spiritual” as yesterday’s worship. “Oh how good…it is” Sarah exclaimed, “to work for God in the daytime, and at night to lie down under his smiles!” That’s the kind of enthusiasm I should have for Monday’s chores! I must remember that I’m a forgiven sinner who now has the privilege of serving the Almighty God. And because of the perfect life and sacrificial death of His Son, Jesus Christ, I can lie down tonight (in spite of my sin) under His gracious smiles.