Thursday, February 19, 2009


Remember this? And this? I guess Ava wanted to relive those days, and took a tumble at the zoo. I was pretty far away from her, and heard the thud of her head hit! But it didn't seem to phase her for too long. Pretty soon she was back up climbing on the rock ledge that she had just fallen off of! A good mom would have stopped that!

And while at the zoo, I took about two pics before the battery went dead on my camera. Just paint a large "L" on my forehead for the day! So here you go, two zoo pics. And then a TON of Ava acting the fool, while I try to get just ONE of her being serious with her banged up forehead.

The first one: A sickly giraffe. Seriously, he looked ill. Have you ever seen a giraffe sitting down? And then he couldn't hardly get up, it looked so weak!

Then one of the tiger getting into his water. That's all folks!

I told Ava I wanted to get a picture of her boo-boo, and she suddenly wants to hug her sister, and make a cheesy smile! I think all she heard was "PICTURE!"

Another try. Oh dear, I should have left her at the zoo with the monkeys. I just love those lips too much though!

Cheesy again!

So this time I said "Open your eyes!" They're open alright!

We've totally lost it now!

I think this is a serious as she gets! That's what I love about this girl though!
She makes me smile!