Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Observations from my children

While I have actually been eating healthier and exercising lately, I didn't think my kids had really noticed until I read over Aaron Job's spelling sentences recently.

*Note sentence #5
I'm afraid in this case that words speak louder than actions. Oh well, I'm a champ in my kid's eyes (enter Rocky music). Well, I guess not really a champ, he didn't say that I WON the marathon, but maybe I at least FINISHED it, since I am a marathon "runner." I'll take that.


Jenny said...

That's great and his sentences are wonderful!! What a bright boy:)

Beth said...

you could run a marathon!? thanks for the posting.

boo4baby said...

WOW! Don't you just love the way a child loves us and thinks we are wonderful?! Even Luke at 16, after seeing and knowing my faults, still shows he loves me. God is kind to give us kids!

Shelly said...

Your blog is very cute and funny! Love seeing your sons note!