Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What we're not reading.

A recent trip to the library yielded an interesting treasure. Usually I look at all of the books that my kids pick before we check them out. All kids books are not created equally!! I want my kids to read what is interesting to them, but I don't like for them to get books that have characters who are disrespectful to parents, siblings, and friends; or a storyline that encourages or promotes sinful behavior. But I digress.

Like I said, I usually I o.k. everything before we check out, but this time I didn't, and we made it home with this book:

YES! THIS IS A KIDS' BOOK!! Here's a description of it from Amazon:

It's a fabulous floating palace, and everybody on it is having the time of their life until a mysterious and terrible odor begins to permeate the splendid ship. What can this awful odor be? All signs point to Walter, and so he is banished down below, with the stinky cheeses. Walter doesn't mind at least he has something to snack on. But not even the cheese room can contain Walter's powerful farts. So they lower him onto a lifeboat, and he is forced to travel alone behind the ocean liner. Then catastrophe strikes! The liner loses its power. How long will the great cruise ship and its frightened passengers be marooned on the high seas? About as long as it takes Walter to digest that cheese...

Okay, I have to be honest...from the little bit of Jr. High mentality that's still left in me-it's really kinda funny. I can't help but giggle everytime I read the title. I giggle out of humor, and out of disbelief at the same time. I can't believe there is a children's book in the library with the word fart in it... I can't believe I just typed the word 'fart' in my blog!!

So the day after going to the library, I discovered the book. I secretly read it to see what it was about, giggled to myself, and then hid it on a bookshelf until we could return it. But what really cracked me up (pardon the pun) was my son's reaction. He noticed the change.

He got up early the next morning and I told him that he could lay on the couch and read his library books. He looked at the stack of books and said

"Hey! I had four books here yesterday, and now there are only three! And by the way...what's a fart?"

I gave him a brief definition (which he giggled at too-but he's six, not 31) and told him that it really wasn't a nice word to say, and then I quickly changed the subject so that I wouldn't have to explain the missing book!

I would really like some input here. Am I being too uptight? I don't want to be a prude, but it seemed kinda crude for a kids' book. I dunno....what do you all think?

Oh, by the way, there are more Walter books if that one wasn't enough! There's the original "Walter the Farting Dog" and "Walter the Farting Dog: Trouble at the Yard Sale."

Well, I'll wrap this up with some reviews here. Here's a quote from ALA Booklist

"All in all, it's a gas." (hehehe)

And, one that's more for my liking, from Publishers Weekly,

"Yes, this lowbrow endeavor could be a crowd-pleaser but, like its topic, its disruptive effects will tend to linger."

Excuse me now :)


Hannah said...

I would think you would want to hide that one from the man of your dreams rather than the kids. Just a thought though. I think the kids might be able to handle it. But really have our kids books really started to pull for topics too? I thought it was just movies that were getting more and more ridiculous, for example Snakes on a Plane I mean really, it won't happen. But a farting dog for a book, there is no hope and really who published that?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hannah - the man of her dreams doesn't need such a childish book to encourage such childish foolery - he does just fine on his own.

As for in-house terminology designated for the bodily function of passing intestinal gas (flatus) via the anus, I'm certainly in favor of polite discretion & good manners.

Having said that...when me & the boy are at the deer camp...ANYTHING GOES!!

Anonymous said...

Is this where I say my 2nd born will be all over the farting dog books when her day comes? Most likely, I'd read it and then decide - if the behaviors presented in the book aren't what I'd like to see in my kids, then no - he can't read it. If the behaviors are okay, then...well, I'd probably let him. But then you know I'm a little more lax on some stuff than other people. :)

However, if "fart" creeps into his daily vocabulary that would be the end of the farting dog books in a big way.

Kathie said...

Beware, there are a couple of other books you should watch out for 1)The Gas We Pass 2) Everyone Poops.

Jenn said...

Found your blog through your husbands blog which I found through Leslie (Lux Venit). That's too funny. I saw one of these books in Target too!