Thursday, October 19, 2006

By request

Someone, who's name shall go unmentioned, has requested more pictures of the two year old's B-Day bash; and it started making me feel a little guilty for favoring one child over another. So, in the spirit of fairness to all, (I'm such a middle child!) here's more pics:

Here's a cute one with Grandma (my mom)

Programing her favorites in the new cell phone. Complete with duckie slippers.

Still in the baby swing.

She did the best, by far, at blowing out candles at the age of two. We practice the day before, and when I told her to blow, she blew her nose (sans tissue) so we had to be more specific on WHAT to blow when it came birthday time.


Amy said...

Hey, my email to you bounced back...can you email me with your address?

Hannah said...

OHHHH do they make those slippers in my size? They are marvelous. She is too cute in those.

Becca said...

She is too cute! I love barely 2 year olds.