Thursday, July 27, 2006


I hatelove how people look at you when you enter a store with many small children! I never can tell if they are looking at me with sympathy or adoration. Do they think I'm insane for having so many children, or do they think that I'm God's gift to children?!

I'm sure it's the latter:)

My DH took DS on a "guy" trip last night to a drum and bugle corps competition. So, since I was with one less child, I thought we would venture out. DS's birthday is coming up, so I told the three year old that we would go to the dollar store, and she could pick something out for him. I had the three month old in my Snugli carrier, the 21 month old in the basket, and the three year old walking happily by my side the whole time:)

All was well.

Really, it was. I don't know why all the stares. Could it be the 3yo singing "Dora the Explorer" at the top of her lungs? Seriously, every time we would stop to look at something, she would burst into song. "VAMANOS, LET'S GO!!! D-D-D-D-D-DORA...." It really was kinda cute, and she was HAPPY, so I let her go.

So, she's trying to pick out something for her brother's birthday. After this trip, she must think I have terrible taste in gifts, because EVERYTHING she picked up I had to say "No, I don't think so," or "No, he wouldn't like that."

What six year old boy wouldn't want pretty pink dress-up high heels for his birthday?

We finally settled on some plastic dinosaurs and turtles. The real challenge here was trying to find something that wouldn't fall apart in one day. You know how those dollar store toys are equivalent (if not worse) to happy meal toys! And the three year old got some new headbands. She loves headbands now, but the mortality rate of those in our house is high. The life cycle of headbands here, would rival that of a housefly. So for one dollar, she got a "happy" too!

We left the store without an incident and made it home. The three year old played with the dinosaurs for about 30 minutes. She was content, so I let her (I won't tell her brother that he's getting a used toy.) Not a single one broke, so we wrapped them up and hid them. The birthday isn't for five more days, so we'll see how long she can keep a secret. The guys got back at about 3 a.m. this morning, it's 8 a.m. right now and she hasn't squealed yet. So far, so good!


Amanda said...

Q: What six year old boy wouldnt want pretty pink dress up shoes?

A: The same six year old boy that plays with them at grandma's house.

Anita said...

he does not play with those anymore!! probably because his sisters beat him to them though.

Steph said...

I think the stares at the store might be out of amazement. I don't know how I'd manage to make it out of the house with matching shoes on if I had so many smally kids to take care of. I am amazed at the moms who manage the work of little ones.