Thursday, July 06, 2006

My answer

I'm just posting my answer to DH's question here. Only because it became long enough to be a post :) and I had been thinking about blogging on Crunchy Cons anyway:

"it's funny that you should ask this question (What book would you recommend to the President?), because the book that i am reading right now is Crunchy Cons, and as i've been reading, i've thought many times "i wonder if the president has read this?" it's a very thought-provoking book. it's not bashing government, but makes some good points about the republican party and politics in general.

one thing that has stuck out to me is that we, who say we are conservative, will scream and cry when it's comes to pro-life, gay marriages, pornography, etc. but sit quietly when we see perfectly good houses and land bulldozed for big businesses and bigger houses. all this is done in the name of making and saving more money. aren't greed, envy, and covetousness sinful too?

this book needs to be read with some discernment, but it does have some good ideas. i'm coming away from it with the fact that we, as conservatives, need to really be conservative in all areas(put our religion and our life/business together), and be good stewards of what we have been blessed with- our families, homes, food, money, land, and community.

no, i'm not turning into a tree-hugger, but it does make me want to grow a garden. :)"


princess desi said...

You took my answer, Anita! Now I'm going to have to think of something else.

Great minds think alike, no?

Anita said...

sorry desi!! i agree with you on the "great minds" thing!

Kathie said...

Oh Anita,
One thing that is driving me crazy, up here in the Heights neighborhood, is people are buying up nice, older homes, say from the 30s and 40s, the LEVELING them. They then proceed to build monsterous houses on small lots, literally going as far as they can to every edge of the property. Not only do I see it as a waste and bad stewardship, it is a loss of history! You cannot replace the quality of the construction in those homes nor the ambiance. It is shameful. (I will get off of my soapbox now)

Anita said...

kathie, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN! i love those old houses over there and i HATE to see them torn down! thanks for the comment!