Thursday, January 15, 2009

Under Construction...Still!

.....really just a remodel, but I apologize for the mess here! If you were notified yesterday and today, that I had updated my blog, like, 20 times, you probably knew that was a mistake. I don't think I've updated my blog 20 time in the past YEAR! This has taken longer than I thought since my husband has taken over the computer at nights working on his 20 year high school reunion. So, my computer time has all been limited to during the day when there are kids to homeschool, noses to wipe, fights to break up (and reconcile!), meals to make, diapers to change, books to read to little ones, etc, etc, etc, and blogger freaking out on me! Oh, and that laundry! It keeps on popping up! Didn't I just wash those same clothes two days ago? And putting up the clean clothes that my children put in the dirty clothes basket when they are "cleaning" up their rooms....oh, I'm digressing!! What was my point...oh, I have about five minutes here and there to get this blog put back together, and I'm not getting very far, very fast. Bear with me. Hopefully soon it will be new and improved!!

One the plus side, I did bake two loaves of bread, cook 10 lbs. of hamburger meat to freeze, and am smelling a huge pot of chili cooking for dinner. Ahh...something productive!

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The Reagans said...

chili? aw thats easy. Today I made gumbo. :)