Monday, November 10, 2008


I had a chance to take some pictures, on Saturday, of some handsome boys. Their parents were friends of mine from college who had seen a few of my pictures on Facebook, and asked me to do some of their kids. It was so much fun, and some good practice for me. Getting four boys to sit still is no small task!! I think we managed to get at least ONE good group shot, but we definitely got some good individuals. They were all so cute!

I love this little guys eyes!

I had to add this one! I got a LOT of these, but I love these kinds of pictures too!


The Dickeys said...

those are so good! Christi is going to LOVE them. I can not wait to see my three! I have been checking to see if you had put them up all morning (not to rush you or anything!)

The Reagans said...

look at that red hair!! how cute. those pics look good!

mhutsell said...

I love the baby's expression. ANd I love the last brother shot. Adorable! M.