Friday, June 13, 2008

Home Again!

After two long trips about a week apart, we are finally home and getting settled in for summer! (Not that you would ever know I was gone from my blog!) We just got home this week from a family vacation, and really had a good time. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family, the kids were great, and we all really enjoyed our time together.

The kids were totally excited about our trip to the beach, and on the way there, we stopped at Lake Village to eat lunch. Now, if you're from AR, you may know that Lake Village is not the vacation hub that it's name portrays. It's a pretty barren street, lined with gas stations and fast food restaurants. So this was our first stop, on our venture to the beach. We found a McDonald's with a "playplace" in it, and thought that would be a good spot for the kids to stretch their legs and eat lunch. As we were getting out of the van, Aaron Job exclaimed with much joy, "WOW!!! This really will be a vacation to remember!" If we'd only known that's all it took- we could have gone back home right then!! But we went on, now they'll never go back to just McD's playplace; they've tasted real vacation.

Oh, I just happen to have a few pics! I feel like Judy here saying "Hey! Wanna see my vacation slides? Let me get out my projector..."

We were actually staying in Fairhope, AL, visiting and house sitting for my aunt during our trip. we go!

We had a great pool with a slide and waterfall close by to go to.

Here's a few shots of the marina in town, with great sunsets!

Some cool pics Aaron took

"A day at the beach" It's not all it's cracked up to be. Whoever came up with that phrase didn't go with four little kids.......just sayin'. I think I counted to four a million times that day making sure everyone was accounted fourfor.

Such a cutie!

She's going to hate me for this pic one day...but it was too cute to resist!

Oh, the could have built a sand castle with what was in her swim diaper at the end of the day!

She found the chips, and was a happy girl. Who cares if they're a little gritty.

He loved the waves coming in!

She sat like this most of the day and just let the water come up over her legs...that's my girl!

...and that's the first half of the trip! More to come later!


Jenny said...

The pictures are sooo fun. I bet the kids had the best time!

boo4baby said...

These are great pictures, Anita! You have a beautiful family!

Hong & Tami Kim said...

LOVED every picture!

Gina said...

More, more, more! What great pictures!!!! Love them and can't wait to see more. :)

Kim said...

I LOVE that pic of Aaron and the kids gorgeous!!!

Sounds like a fun trip!

Anna said...

Hey Anita, This is Anna Eye.

I love you comment about counting to 4 a million times! I have done that so many times when we are out. Only I count to 5! It is exhausting....and sometimes just better to stay home! ;)

Charlotte Tennant is always talking about you guys. Hope all is well! It looks like things are good with you guys!

check out my Facebook page... I found your blog through a post Aaron had put on there.

later, Anna