Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Snow pics

I guess I'd better put up my snow pics before it's spring! Although it may snow again after the tornadoes are through- you just never know here!

The building of the snowman.

This is the child who can live on air. You know, the one left sitting at the dinner table after everyone else is done. She just does not eat, but suddenly took a strong liking to snow. Great, now her two main food groups are air and snow!

Trying to sneak up on me in the woods with a snowball.

Well it was fun while it lasted. But I'm always happy with just one good snowfall, then I'm ready for spring.


Kathie said...

I'm with you. The snow has fallen and melted, let spring begin!!!

Hong & Tami Kim said...

LOL.. on the "living on air and snow!" that's hilarious.

thanks for the pics. your kids are really cute.

Kim said...

What cute pictures of your kids!

Jenny said...

Cute pics:) and I'm SOOOOO excited about Spring:)