Friday, March 30, 2007

We Will Rock You!

So on with my story from our weekend trip. It actually happened before leaving town, while we were on our way to drop off Aaron Job with the family he was staying with. Now, this was a nice family, a really nice family. You know the kind whose children never misbehave-that kind of nice family. So we're driving along in a fun car that we rented for the weekend, and I hear a fun song playing lowly on the radio, and I'm all about having fun right now because I going away for the weekend with no diaper bag attached to me!! So I crank up the radio and we hear:


Now, Aaron is by no means stuffy and uptight, but he quickly, but quietly, said "Turn that down! We don't want him walking into these people's house singing that song!" And you have to admit, once you get to the chorus, it is a pretty catchy song. You're probably singing it right now just from reading my post title! Aaron tried to say this casually and quietly, but the keen ears in the back seat heard him anyway. So our son says "Why don't you want me to sing that? Will they think they have mud on their faces?"

All we could do at that moment was just go along with him like "Yeah, that's right! We don't want to embarrass them!"

My sweet son! Always thinking of others first! But his parents? NOOOO, we're thinking about the mud on our own face!


iamchief said...

Speaking of mud on your face - here's a quick cross-promotion for our son's blog. His latest drawing is -rather ironically - called, "How to Get Rid of Mud".

Anita said...

That's funny! I linked it now in the post!

Kim said...

This is so so funny...The sad thing is I can relate to this...we have caught ourselves many times allowing one thing in our home or just becoming relaxed about a certain attitude or something...but we would be so humiliated for others to see it ...It is called seeking man's approval and I am guilty. But,then again it does help me to be accountable to others...I just have to make sure it is for glorifying God and not myself! : (

I'm sure that family you are speaking of has imperfections like the rest of us...we all do.

It sounds like you had a great time together! Mike and I have not gone away for more than a few hours since before being pregnant with Evie.(almost 5 years!!) It is getting to be time!!!! Maybe this summer for our anniversary! It is hard to get away with little ones. I'm glad you and Aaron could do that!

Blessings on your day~

Krista said...

Just a reminder...the month of April is just about over. You may not be able to get your post for the month in if you don't hurry! I can't imagine why you wouldn't have time to blog!?!? ;)