Thursday, January 04, 2007

Favorite Pics of 2006

...yes, I meant for that to rhyme:) Instead of posting anything with real content, which is way too time consuming for my brain right now, I thought I would just post some of my favorite pictures. They're mostly from the holidays

Aaron Job is growing up so fast. He loves to read, draw, and play with Legos. He really has made homeschooling a joy for me. He loves to learn and is very bright.

Abby is such a happy girl. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment when she's around! She loves to talk, and is the social coordinator of every event! She always makes us laugh.

Then there's Anna! With her beautiful blue eyes, she's normally the serious child. She's not easily amused, but loves to be tickled and has the cutest laugh. She also loves making messes! She really only has three needs in life: her thumb, her blankie, and her mommy!

Sweet baby Ava. She is pure sunshine, and is almost always smiling! She just turned 8 months old, and about a week before Christmas, she sprouted two teeth, began sitting up, and started crawling!

Here we are in Hot Springs on a trip to Mid America Museum. Aaron Job took this picture, and it turned out really well, considering the subjects he had to work with!

From our whole family, we hope you have a blessed and happy new year!


Gina said...

Hey! I recognize that tree that Aaron Job is in front of. ;) I love the photos of the girls - and Aaron Job did a *great* job taking the photo of you two!!

Krista said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for the family update!